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Taping a shoulder wound


Xennovate Medical® can create a unique product from formulation to finished device. Our core hydrocolloid adhesive technology is one of the most effective skin barriers in the medical market today. Xennovate’s skin-friendly, highly absorptive and cohesive hydrocolloid technology provides a competitive advantage for our customers. We have several hydrocolloid formulas and thicknesses to meet differing needs.  We can also design and convert these component materials into a multitude of finished dressing designs as prototypes or in a contract manufacturing arrangement.


Xennovate’s core technology also provides ostomy appliances with the thinnest profiles for user comfort compared to thicker alternatives. Our products provide more absorption and longer lasting protection for ostomates. These characteristics enable lower pricing for our customers while providing better products with distinct clinical advantages and improved profitability. Xennovate Medical seeks to supply all major medical adhesive product companies with its latest integrated hydrocolloid technologies.

 Xennovate Medical currently offers four standard hydrocolloids in roll stock form to be sold to “converters” to create specialty hydrocolloid bandages for safer and more rapid healing or for skin-friendly ostomy pouch adhesives. 




Moist Wound Healing
Research has found that moist wound healing has been proven a superior method over the past several decades.

Topical Oxygen Wound Dressing
Learn more about the competetive advantages of a hydrocolloid  in three of our studies that discuss Ostomy Appliance, Oxygen Diffusion, and Wound Care dressing types.

Intelligent Hydrocolloids
Known in the industry for our creative design skills, our focus is on providing products for applications that improve the healing process and offer comfort to the patient.

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